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Regular check-up

“Prevention is better than cure”

We all know this phrase but in dentistry it is more significant. When tooth structure is damaged, we can only restore with artificial substitute but can never cure the damage and regenerate then original structure.

Regular dental check-ups are a very effective way to prevent dental diseases before it starts or arrest it at an early stage keeping your teeth as natural as possible. It is statistically proven face that the people who visits their dentists regularly, tend to keep a greater number of teeth on their mouth. Moreover, better gum health has been related to lesser risk of various systemic issues like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung conditions, adverse pregnancy outcome etc. Oral health has also been related to psychological disturbances as well.


We at North Rocky Dental are always focused on preventive dentistry and always eager to guide you to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

If you are due for a regular dental check-up or want to start visiting a dentist regularly than please call us on 07 4928 7700 to book a suitable appointment.