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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

If you have met with an accident or something is causing trauma to your mouth, don’t wait on it to better on its own. The chances are that most likely it shall become more severe and less and less responsive to treatment. The need of the hour is to get to an experienced dentist who can help tackle the case quickly so not much damage is caused in the mouth that could be scarring for life.

At North Rocky Dental, we have highly qualified and experienced dentists and doctors who thoroughly examine the situation and provide the most effective solutions in the most feasibly practical way possible.

“Preserve the strength, beauty and vitality of your teeth, for decades to come, with North Rocky Dental”.

When to visit a dentist in case of an emergency:

  • Swelling in the face
  • Moderate to severe mouth bleeding
  • Damaged teeth or gums
  • Broken Braces
  • Loss of fillings
  • Extreme pain in the teeth and gums or both
  • The appearance of veins or eroded enamel
Rockhampton Emergency Dental Care
We cater to clients with various emergency services along with precision and dedication, stated below are the major ones:

Swelling or Bleeding in Gums
When people speak of dental hygiene, they generally assume it to be for teeth and their care and treatment. However, gums play a huge part in ensuring a healthy and pain-free mouth. Swelling and bleeding with sores in the gums have a very terrible impact on one’s overall health causing a lot of agony and pain. This also includes various kinds of abscess that look like pimples and cause a lot of pain and bleeding. The bleeding (especially if severe and not stopping) and inflammation need immediate care and treatment. The pain in the gums can sometimes also forbid and restrict gum movement, which could be because of a problematic tooth, infection or erupting wisdom tooth. It’s best to see a dentist in this case to combat the root causes if it’s not a chronic problem and relieve the pain.

Pain in Tooth
Pain in the tooth can have various underlying causes, usually causing severe disruption in mouth functions and acute pain. The causes usually involve a decay in the tooth, erupting wisdom tooth that becomes impacted, decaying nerve or infection in the gums. Symptoms to look out for and seek immediate dental treatment are:

  • Intense and chilling sensitivity in the teeth.
  • Pain in chewing and biting or even talking or touching the teeth.
  • Swelling in the face, rooted in the mouth.
  • Toothache that doesn’t let you sleep or focus on things.

These cases can easily be tackled by North Rocky Dental as your emergency dentist to relieve the pain and improve your situation drastically.

Crooked Tooth
If you have fractured your tooth for any reason, rush to a dentist as soon as possible to handle this emergency situation. In an attempt to save your tooth, you would require a professional treatment that either puts the tooth back in place or compensates for the crooked tooth. The ideal time window to save your tooth would be an hour. The best way to preserve it while you reach is to either place it back in the gums and hold it there, or clean it or put it in milk or saline water.
A crooked or fractured tooth needs immediate care as they could also be hiding an impacted nerve underneath.

Call us or simply visit to avail the emergency services or for any further information.

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