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As the name suggests it guards your mouth from trauma. It is a custom fitted barrier covering teeth and gums on the lip and cheek, acting as a cushion for any impact. It is mandatory for contact sports and highly recommended for any activity that has risk of injury to face.

Front teeth are vital for appearance and once damaged they are very difficult to restore with enough logivity, without invasion treatment procedures. Moreover any type of front teeth restoration is mostly for looks and not function. So it is always advised not to bite with restored front teeth.

The best way to keep functional front teeth is to never let them break by taking utmost precautions, and one of them is a well fitted mouthgaurd.

The mouthguard covers the chewing surfaces of teeth preventing injury to back teeth as well. By cushioning the impact forces, it also protects the jaw joint.

Mouthguards | North Rocky Dental

Anyone participating in an active physical sport should wear a mouthguard. They may come is variety of colours and even combination of colours. Call us on 07 4928 7700 to book an appointment before the next sporting season.

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